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Emergency Ambulance is a specially designed medical transportation unit that is different from other modes of transportation. An emergency ambulance is designed to be able to handle emergency patients, provide first aid and carry out intensive care while on the road to the referral hospital. Emergency ambulances must also meet hygiene and ergonomic aspects. In addition, emergency ambulances must also be equipped with complete equipment and operated by professional staff in the field of emergency services. The need for emergency ambulance is very important as the main pillar in the health service chain and emergency response plan both in hospitals and the public. Companies. Emergency emergency ambulances are emergency medical services outside the hospital (pre-hospital) with other means of health (emergency ) Approaching the patient, the victim is not the patient, the victim who approaches the health facility. Thus the emergency response response can be carried out quickly and precisely, and avoid delays.

In the event of transportation, industry, household accidents, heart attacks, and other medical emergencies, emergency Ambulance services that have adequate equipment, professional staff and speed in responding to any emergency situation are needed. In addition, the evacuation of critical patients between hospitals both within and between cities is also inseparable from the need for Emergency Ambulance services. In order to develop the pre-hospital services, Pro Emergency organizes Emergency Ambulance services equipped with complete Emergency kits and operated by trained officers.

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