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Mesin Pengolah Mie

Who doesn't know Mie? almost everyone knows this snack. Noodles are one of the sources of kabohidrat and become one of the food substitutes for rice, noodles are very popular and loved by the people of Indonesia. This is evidenced by the number of restaurants with the main menu selling noodle dishes, besides that almost in all crowded places there are peddling chicken noodles "one of the affordable snacks and can momentarily eliminate hunger". Mie is one of the food that is down to earth in the sense that everyone is looking for and every one who sells merchandise with the concept of noodles will usually be very accepted by the community. Because this is related to the tongue of Indonesian people.

From what is explained above it is very clear that this is a huge opportunity to do business using basic ingredients of noodles. To be able to sell noodles, a special skill is needed to make noodles and produce noodles with recipes and special concoctions. Because if we look lately, most noodles sold in the market are unhealthy noodles because they use preservatives above the normal threshold. Then the noodle entrepreneur is demanded to be smarter and understand the needs of the community with how important noodles are without preservatives or commonly called "healthy noodles".

To make noodles a separate tool is needed, starting from making a dough that requires a stirrer or commonly called a mixer, then the finished mixture needs to be kneaded and after that it is only printed using a special noodle-printing machine. For small capacity, you can anticipate using equipment with manual tools with capacity adapted to your needs, but the problem is that if you already have a business that requires large quantities of noodles and scale, the manual noodle tools and machines are not can meet your needs.

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