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In general, the term home industry is an economic activity actor who can be based in this house is the family itself or one of the family members who live in the place of residence by inviting some people around him as his employees.

Although on a scale that is not too large, but in economic activities this indirectly opens employment opportunities for relatives or neighbors in his hometown. That way, this small business can automatically help government programs in an effort to reduce unemployment. Again, the number of poor people will gradually decline.

The definition of home industry is a business in a home is a place to live that is also a place of business, both in the form of a service business, office to trade. At first the perpetrators of home industry who have this design are among entrepreneurs and professionals, who are now beginning to expand to the general public.

To have a strategic location for the development of this type of home-based business is inseparable from the development of a virus entrepreneur / entrepreneurship that can play a role in opening the mindset ahead of the community that the house is not only a place to live but can also be used as a place for income.

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