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Mesin Batako Dan Paving

Brick Making Machine and Paving Block Press is a set of tools or machines that function to make construction materials called brick making. To make brick making, there are 2 machines used, namely the Brick Making Machine (Brick Press Machine) and the Brick Making Material Mixer Machine. Both are like metal pieces that need each other.

We are Manufacturers as well as selling Paving Batako Printing Machines with several types that use hydraulic press systems, both manually and automatically at low prices but quality. Understanding Printing Machines Brick making or Paving is a set of several mechanical equipment used to produce brick press and paving blocks, so printing bricks and paving blocks becomes easier and lighter. Brick press printing machine is very suitable aimed at the business or business of making brick and paving blocks, both in small and medium scale. In contrast to making a brick with human hands that manually, printing brick or paving using a brick press machine will be faster to reach 1500 pcs per day and do not need big power. The result is more dense and the size of the brick or paving block is more precise.