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Maybe there are some people who do not know the cupboard which is a local ventilation equipment specifically designed with the aim of reducing exposure to gases that are quite dangerous, toxic vapors, or dust. In general, this fume hood is a laboratory equipment that has a size large enough with a lower cabinet as a holder or table.

In the laboratory itself there are a number of local ventilation equipment commonly used. Some of them are clean air cabinets, inoculation boxes and biosafety cabinets. These equipment are all equipment that is quite instrumental in controlling the influence of dangerous air, both for personnel, research materials, and also laboratory equipment itself.

Fume hoods have important functions in a laboratory. In a laboratory, this fume hood serves to protect personnel from a threat that is quite threatening, namely the inhalation of a toxic gas during the process of testing, research, or learning that may be intentionally carried out in laboratory.

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