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Carpentry equipment is currently growing. We can find a variety of tools and functions on the market. Starting from simple equipment or still manually operated to equipment with sophisticated technology and operated in a computerized manner.

In the modern era like this the development of carpenter's equipment is very rapidly progressing, and the manual carpenter's equipment seems to be left behind. However, there are still manual carpentry equipment that are often used, among others, wooden drawstring or drawstring and prusut wood, which are still used today. For a professional carpenter the tool is a second hand that can help make the job easier.

This time we will discuss what tools must be used by carpenters during their work. It should be remembered that the carpenter's tools are not just one but there are many, so the professional carpenter is the one who can master various carpentry tools, the more tools that can be mastered the more experienced the artisan consists of shaved machines, saw machines, machines profiles, drilling machines, elbows, meters, chisels, small and large hammers, min and plus screwdrivers, tanks or painters, and wood prusuts.

Thus about the types of tools used by modern carpenters that must be there to make it easier to do their day-to-day work there are actually many more carpenter's equipment but this device is a must have.