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Alat Musik

When viewed from the word that composes a musical instrument composed of two words, namely tools and music. Broadly speaking, a tool can be interpreted as an object used by humans to help do a job for the purpose of making it easy. Each tool has its own function in its use. Humans have the ability to think so that with the help of these tools can be a beautiful work. While music comes from Greek, namely "muse". In Greek muse is the name for goddesses who have the duty as responsible for art and science. Based on the origin of the word, music can be explained as one type of art. However, in more detail, music can be explained as a work of art created by humans through the compilation of sounds that are intertwined, combined, have harmony and contain meaning.

In simple terms a musical instrument can be interpreted as an instrument needed in producing music. Based on the explanation above, a musical instrument is a tool or object that can emit a distinctive sound which if combined with other tools can produce beautiful music that contains harmony (harmony) so that the meaning contained in it is conveyed to the listener.

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