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Alat Laboratorium Minyak Bumi

The Oil and Earth Testing Laboratory is a laboratory whose activities include testing and limited production processes on a laboratory scale. This laboratory is a center for practical learning & training in chemical engineering related to the processing of petroleum and its derivative products, testing of raw materials and products, controlling operating conditions, process support utilities, and process equipment maintenance activities.

Laboratory (abbreviated as lab) is a place for scientific research, experiments, measurements or scientific training carried out. Laboratories are usually made to enable these activities to be carried out in a controlled manner. Scientific laboratories are usually distinguished according to their disciplines, such as biological laboratories, physics laboratories, chemical laboratories, biochemical laboratories, computer laboratories, and language laboratories. In addition, equipment in the Laboratory can also cause hazards that are not uncommon at high risk for Praktikan who is doing practicum if they do not know the ways and procedures for using the equipment to be used.
A tool is an object that is used to do something. The thing that must be considered is the cleanliness of the tools used. The cleanliness of the tool can support the results of the practice. If the tool used is not clean, things will happen that are not desirable. For example, if the chemicals are still left over, the substance can only react with the substances we use afterwards and can lead to failure in the practice.

Errors in the use of tools and materials can lead to inaccurate results. Therefore, understanding the functions and work methods of equipment and materials must be mastered by the practitioner before practicing in the laboratory. It is not impossible if an accident occurs in the laboratory because of an error in the use and use of tools and materials carried out in a practice related to hazardous chemicals, in addition, the selection of the type of equipment to be used in the study is adjusted to the research objectives. So that research runs smoothly.

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